What is the
energy choice

The Energy Choice Program was implemented by state governments as a response to unjustified rate hikes by utility companies, giving customers the power to choose their energy supplier at fair prices.

Who can use this program?

In deregulated states, customers have the option to choose an Energy Supply Company that offers the best prices and benefits.

This allows them to select their own energy supplier, rather than relying on the utility company. The option is known as the “Energy Choice Program,” and its implementation resulted in increased competition and the end of utility monopolies.

Where is there deregulation?

  • Natural Gas and Electric:

    Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Texas, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maine, and Connecticut.

  • Natural Gas:

    Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana, West Virginia, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and California.

Get bonuses for participating in the program

Every new business client that sends their bills in for a free rate analysis, automatically qualify to receive the following


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Free restaurant card

Free $50 restaurant card for program participants redeemable at 19,000 restaurants nationwide

Get Away USA Trip

Participants in our program are eligible to receive a free three-day, two-night trip for two adults and two children to one of 85 beautiful destinations providing hotel accommodations nationwide

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We partner with a wide range of suppliers

USA Energy works with over 26 suppliers across the United States to provide our clients with a comprehensive selection of services

Participate in the annual grand prize drawing

Each client enrolled by USA Energy will receive a raffle ticket for every enrollment, giving them a chance to win the annual grand prize drawing with a maximum value of $3000

7-Day Carnival or Royal Caribbean Cruise

Indulge in delectable cuisine, exhilarating shipboard entertainment, and a breathtaking Las Vegas-style casino. While in port, bask in the sun on pristine white sandy beaches and revitalize in emerald waters

$500 cash

The winner will be awarded $500 in cash, to be utilized at their discretion

Two chances to win

If you have enrolled in both electric and gas agreements, you will receive double the entries in the grand prize drawing

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